The Exiting World of Water

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Water(h 2 0)is a liquid at room temperature, is odorless,

tasteless, has a blush tint which may be detected; however, only in

layers of significant depth. The freezing point of water is 0

degrees Celsius(32 degrees Fahrenheit), and its boiling point is 100

degrees Celsius(212 degrees Fahrenheit). Water attains its maximum

density at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius(39 degrees Fahrenheit)

and expands upon freezing.

Water is one of the best known ionizing agents. Because most

substances are somewhat soluble in water, it is frequently stated as

the universal solvent. Water combines with certain salts to form

hydrates. Water also reacts with metal oxides to form acids. It acts

as a catalyst in many important chemical reactions.


Water is the only substance now known to man, that can occur at

ordinary temperatures in all three states of matter, that is, as a

solid, a liquid, and as a gas.

As a solid, or ice, it is found as glaciers, and ice caps, on

water surfaces in winter, as snow, hail and frost, and as clouds

formed of ice crystals.

Water occurs in the liquid state as rain clouds formed of water

droplets, and on vegetation, or otherwise dew; in addition it covers

three covers of the surface of the earth in the form of swamps,

lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, oceans, etc.

As a gas, or in other words water vapor. It occurs as fog,

steam, and clouds. Atmospheric vapor is measured in terms of

relative humidity, which is the ratio of the quantity of vapor

actually present to the greatest amount possible at a given


Life and Water

Water is a major constituent of living matter. From 50 to

90 percent of the weight of...