Expansion of the piedmont Triangle International Airport

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Expansion of the Piedmont Triangle International Airport

There has been much controversy involving the changes that are soon to come to the Triad involving its political growth and economy. While some argue that the major change ill greatly boost our economy, others argue it will only make out economy worst. Fed Ex wants to open a 500 million dollar hub by the year 2009 that would eventually run 126 flights in and out of the airport each night. This cargo Transshipment Hub with a new third runway is going to be constructed at Piedmont Triad International Airport near the established residential areas of Greensboro, High Point, and other selected areas of Guilford County. Though many disagree with this project, this private business enterprise is to be supported by millions of dollars of taxpayer money. The 300 million dollar Fed Ex facility and it contents will be funded by Fed Ex, and the 200 million dollar runway constructed will be funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Trust Funds, The Piedmont Triangle International Airport, and the NC Department of Transportation.


Despite funding, there are many other concerns about this project. For instance, local residents and taxpayers feel that it is a poor transportation policy to locate a noisy nighttime operation in the midst of a densely populated area. This would create unacceptable noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, and highway congestion. People argue that a global Transpark does not belong in a residential area that was zoned residentially (not industrial/commercial) by the people through their elected representatives. People from local middle class residential neighborhoods are being forced out of their homes or being "bought out" as one might say. These evictions are being done through a lottery system, if ones address is selected, then they will be moved out. This...