An Experience of a Lifetime

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An Experience of a Lifetime

The Mardi Gras holiday marked an unforgettable period in my life. I examined the out-of-towners enjoying their time off from work, school and daily chores. However, I grew shocked at the activities that the visitors participated in to receive beads. The outrageous behaviors of the "Mardi Gras Goers" will forever haunt my memory because of their participation in obscene acts that were unlike anything I had ever imagined.

As I strolled down the dilapidated streets of New Orleans, Bourbon and Canal, a stringent odor from all of the colorful vomit and urination on the streets filled my nostrils. I also spotted citizens from around the world dressed in Levi Jeans and cut-off shirts passing out from drinking too much Heineken, Hennessey and other liquors. The bystanders seemed to be keeping tabs on which person might drink the most. Furthermore, I noticed that many of the Daiquiri shops did not check for identification from its customers.

They cared more about receiving large profits than by abiding by the state laws. Many of the visitors also distributed drinks to the younger crowds for the sake of being friendly or generous. Therefore, many teenagers, held cups in their hands filled with keg beer pretending to be adults.

Although the drunkenness of the city's whoadies, a term used to define most illiterate Black men in New Orleans, stirred many fights, the shoving, yelling and threatening of the other intoxicated crowd members provided their on-lookers with flesh rampaging fear. It seemed as though the drunkards wanted to frighten the vacationers with their foul language and belligerent attitudes to boost their egos or make themselves feel superior.

Witnessing the extreme acts that out-of-towners participated in to receive beads frightened me because I found rich men and women dressed...