Experiment to test the time neutrase and milk solution takes to clear

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What is the experiment about?

The experiment is about finding the time it takes for a solution of neutrase and milk to clear when using different concentrations of neutrase.

Why did I choose to experiment on how the concentration of neutrase effects the time a milk solution takes to clear?

I could have chosen to test how the reaction times differed at different temperatures, but I chose to experiment on the effect different concentrations of enzymes. The reason I did this was because I felt that it would be very hard to control the exact temperature of the materials.

What do I want to find out?

I know that enzymes work best when concentrated. I know that once the as you increase the dilution of the enzymes they will become less effective.

What do I think I will find out?

I think that I will find out that the neutrase will work better when it is of a higher concentration.

I think that the time the solution takes to clear will increase as the neutrase is diluted more.

What equipment will I use?

The equipment I will be using is:

10cm" of neutrase

10cm" of milk

1 Measuring cylinder

1 Small beaker

1 Stop clock

2 Test tubes

I have the option to use a water bath but I have decided not to use one. This is because I want to do the experiment at room temperature and so do not want to change the temperature of the solutions.

How will the equipment be set up?

I shall measure out 10cm" of milk using the measuring cylinder and pour it into a test tube. I shall then measure out a concentration of neutrase in a measuring cylinder. I shall then pour the neutrase solution into a separate test tube. I...