Explain how a high school or college course has influenced your life. Describe how this course influenced your decision in selecting your college major and how it may affect your career path.

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"So have you decided what you want to major in yet?" asked my high school counselor as I sat before her trying to decide what my class schedule would be like for the following year. I wasn’t sure how to reply to such a question considering it was one of the most important questions I could ever answer that would direct my life to its development. I began thinking about all the classes I’ve taken throughout high school and there was one class that really stuck. A class I took my junior year as an elective, a class I took “just to see what it was like.” After taking Environmental Science for a full year I discovered myself and my views on the critical issues of our surroundings. I discovered a different way of thinking I never thought I possessed; the way that made me become more aware about issues that involve our planet.

I deeply contemplated the question and answered with a smile on my face, “Yeah, I want to be an Environmental Engineer.” I was convinced about my choice and ready to incorporate all the lessons I learned from the various readings and projects and opening a new opportunity for others to learn what I did in my class. I was dedicated to ensure that our future generations would not live the life of affluence that many of us live today. I believe it is crucial for everyone to understand how our current global problems affect everyone, present and future, and that is what influenced my decision to choose the major that I did.

Ever since I was a young child of five, I was sure I would be a great kindergarten teacher. I grew up with this mentality until I was well into my junior high...