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What is the research/decision problem? If not stated clearly in the case try to give a probable problem.

The decision problem is not explicit in the case. The survey was made over the CEO'S small companies to explore the firm's interest in exporting to foreign markets. Considering the Government as the institution that ordered the test, we could define the decision problem as: Should the Government finance small companies interested in exporting to foreign markets?

The research problem is to perceive logical relationships among firm's attitude towards exporting, their interest in seeking government's assistance and the relation between these two and demographics

Moreover, there is also interest in the reduction of information costs trough:

· Reducing the sample size but still maintaining the representativeness;

· Reducing the number of variables.

How is the data collected? Is this the only way the data could have been collected or could you think of another strategy to answer the research/decision problem?

The data was collected trough a survey sent to 500 small businesses to which only 120 responded within the first two weeks.

In our opinion this data collection method is not clear and not even complete. There are no specifications about the representativeness of the chosen sample in the market, even on the market itself. The number of respondents in the sample (120 in 500) is also a very low number to get a broad picture of the entire market, and could be a source of error. The time horizon used to receive the responses from the firms was two weeks, maybe it could be spend more time waiting for responses, or even contact the firms to get the responses back, as the study may be of their interest.

Secondary data should be used in this study, as there are surely numbers...