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During my high school days, I had lived in the school dormitory. Our house was very far from the school that it took us two hours to get to the school. There were very few available boarding houses near the school, so our best choice was the school dormitory. The whole dormitory thing was a new thing for me. In other words, it was my first time to stay in the dormitory. Fortunately, it had been a nice experience for me because I had a nice girl to share my room with. My roommate, I can say, was probably the perfect dorm resident.

Simplicity and neatness was one of her obvious traits. She wouldn't wear anything too flashy. Trinkets, chains, shiny jewelries were a big no for her. A plain pair of earrings and a necklace was enough. She did not put on too much make-up, for her rosy cheeks, deep brown eyes, red lips and long thick eyelashes, which give her eyes natural eyeliner, almost do not need make-up.

Her long black hair was just kept pony tailed or clipped away from her face. When she is not in her neatly pressed uniform, she is just in her plain spotless shirts or tops, and jeans or skirts - nothing too wild. She was also kind, friendly and approachable. We often talked about a lot of 'chikas' when we were together. She was also kind enough to share her things with me like books, paper and even food.

She never had an offence regarding the dormitory rules. She strictly followed the curfew hours, leaving and returning to the dorm at the right times, constantly cleaned the room, and always complied with every dorm requirement. She was very familiar with the dorm rules that sometimes I consulted her,