Factors affecting operational planning

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Factors affecting operational planning

In this day and age planning is key to any business startup, especially during these tough economic times. As we prepare a plan for any business many factors arise including the strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and trends in any business planning. Let's explore deeper to analyze the very important factors.

Strengths: Internal positive aspects that are under control and upon which you may capitalize.

Good examples of internal strengths are:

Company culture (e.g. known for promoting people from within)

Company image (e.g. positively viewed by local community)

Work experience (e.g. established methodologies for handling large projects)

Strong technical knowledge within your field (e.g. hardware, software, programming languages)

Specific transferable skills (e.g., communication, teamwork, leadership skills)

Personal characteristics (e.g., strong work ethic, self-discipline, ability to work under pressure, creativity, optimism, or a high level of energy)

Good contacts/successful networking

Interaction with professional organizations

Every organization has some strength.

In some cases this is obvious, in other cases it is a matter of perspective. Regardless of the size of the company there will be strengths, if you are a global tier one supplier with facilities on four continents or a small mom and pop shop. The larger company could have a monopoly on the supply of a product and that is strength, because it is obvious. The mom and pop shop has the ability move fast to stay ahead of curve; this is a strength that is a good example matter of perspective.

It is clear that FedEx's commitment to operational planning is a key component of the organization's current and longstanding success. However, the company's operational planning strategy is not without its weaknesses. FedEx has helped to create an expectation of the company as more than an overnight shipping heavyweight. It says so on the company's website.