Is it fair that wrongly accused people go to jail

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Is it fair that wrongly accused people go to jail for no reason and then get kicked out on the mean streets with absolutely no money, no job, and wasted years of his life. I personally don't think its fair at all. To take someone's youth away, to play with his life. All that for no reason at all. It is horribly wrong.

First off, could you imagine not seeing your family for 18 years? Think about how long the 18 years would be, Lonely, Depressed, and full of anger. Family is my number one priority, and to me, that 18 years without them would be awful. And not to mention, you wouldn't get to be with your friends. I would not be able to see my nephews, and nieces, and uncles and aunt, and so forth. I sadly wouldn't have gotten to see anything. What if a family member died? What would you do? Nothing at all, simply because you were locked up, you wouldn't get to say goodbye.

I know that if i were the one that had locked up Dr. Mannet, then i would feel terribly wrong, and i wouldn't want to face the fact that I made a mistake, it would be embarrassing for the judge, but face it, he made the mistake.

Next, you would be unfortunately unemployed. It would be hard to get another steady job, even if you got out of prison, simply because of the bad record. One would want to hire an ex-jailbird. Then you wouldn't be able to support your family. You wouldn't have enough money for food. You wouldn't have enough money for clothes either. Also, you couldn't pay the electric bills. And I am guessing, since you've been gone so long, you wouldn't even have a house. Also, you wouldn't have any extra money for Birthday presents for the family, or any back to school clothes.

Then there are all the wasted years that they could be free. I think that the mistaken judge definitely should reimburse them with 800,000 dollars, find them a steady job, and buy them a house. And to top it off, I think they should pay all the electric bills. Basically they should pay all the bills. They should make their life, set out, so they can be rich, and wont have to worry about a thing. Because they were wrongly accused, and the judge should have to face the consequences.

In conclusion, it is wrong for them to lock up someone, when that person hadn't done a thing. How can anyone play with someone's life like that, they are innocent. This world has gone crazy. I believe that if they have been locked up for no reason, they should get money and riches when the get out, it was the kings "Bad" and he should pay.