Fashions in Different Coutries

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Egypt: In Egypt they wear shirts and shorts just like we do. Back then they didn't. Back then they used to wear robes and ripped of clothes. If you were rich you would wear silk gowns and would have long hair. If you were a princess your fashion would be very very different from everyone else's style. They would wear silk and sashes everyday! But no matter what, wither they are rich or poor Egypt was know for their beautiful jewellery. Today you pay lots of money fore jewellery. There they create their own jewellery. Lots of people think that if its weaved and has just a couple beads, that's its worth nothing! They are wrong! Its worth thousands. Not because it came from years back, but, because it is so beautiful.

Croatia: 12 sent.

Croatia is a beautiful city. Everybody is now dresses just like everyone is Canada or America.

Back about 70 years ago they had a war. Not only did this make them spend more of their money on food, they couldn't worry about their clothing. They wore ripped up jeans. They wore shirts so ripped and torn you couldn't believe it. My grandma and grandpa lived their and they weren't exactly well dressed. They never wore jewellery. That is for the poor. The rich people had diamonds and necklaces and bracelets of pure gold. Today Croatia still isn't a rich country. Neither is it poor. It is just a country who isn't well dressed but are average and they love everyone no matter how you look.

Canada and America: 13 sent.

Canada and America are one of the richest countries. There are tons of rich people. There are tons of poor people. There are mostly average people. No matter if your rich or poor you still...