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A Father's Pursuit and Society's Understanding

Portraying prolific criminals and senseless violence in TV shows sends a message to society that the transgressive behavior is acceptable when driven by the desire to keep the family together, especially in times of need. The Breaking Bad television series displays different types of adverse behavior actions that are, at times, justified when the motives for the behavior are deemed acceptable and the desperate logic is understandable. For example, viewers are able to justify Walter's negative behavior because his actions are the result of his need to ensure financial stability, economic security and a sound future for his family; even in the midst of a life crisis. The Breaking Bad protagonist, Walter White, is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and his life expectancy has been estimated to be relatively short. After passing, Walter, the head of household, will not be able to fulfill his financial obligations to the family.

For example, he will not leave a sufficient savings account and his wife and kids will not have the security of knowing that their basic needs will be taken care of. Faced with a life crisis and in a financial time of need, Walter turns to manufacturing methamphetamine in hopes of earning enough money to provide for his family after his passing. Often, society justifies transgressive behavior when the behavior is driven by compelling circumstances like a father who is facing a terminal illness and struggling with the need to financially provide for his family.

Justifying the actions of immoral and unethical behavior has become more common across the world today. Often when goals are achieved through any means necessary but constitute a good outcome, the negative behavior is disregarded. Many heroes today are seen using any means necessary to achieve their objectives and take...