A Few Keys To Open Many Doors

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Success… It is the aim of many people for a lifetime. Many people have some rules to have it! Some people call those as principles. Some see them as keys… a few keys to open many doors standing closed between them and success! I thank one of our guests who shared her keys that she kept for years. Meral Tamer.

Work hard! She grew up working so hard because her mother wanted her to be successful… until she lost both of her parents when she was only sixteen years old. She graduated as an architect but sooner she understood that it was not the right job for her. She suddenly decided to be a journalist. She wanted to work at the gazette Cumhuriyet. They only worked with the people they knew. Naturally, they refused her. She told she would work at the archive department. They did not accept her.

She told that she would do the cleaning. They could not say “no” finally.

Fifteen days after she started working, the Cyprus crisis blew up. Since she was the only one who spoke two foreign languages at work, they offered two times as much money as they paid for cleaning. They wanted her to write at a special page about the crisis. Thereafter, she has been writing as a journalist.

Enjoy living and never quit the game! She had problems with her eyes. She did not understand her illness was getting worse, so that she recognized her friends only when they come too close. But that was not enough to prevent her to be an architect.

At the university, she had a stomach illness. She could not attend the school for about two months. In addition, she was said that she would probably not have a baby any more. This was not so important for her at that time. Later, when she got married, she and her husband wanted to have a baby and they had! Enjoy what you are doing! Her manager ordered to open consumer corner (part) at the gazette. She had no chance to choose. Unwillingly, she started writing. However, this made her the pioneer for consumer rights protection. She had to do what is said; so, she tried to like what she was doing. It was the result of her efforts that the first television was repaired without a bill, for instance.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. She never planned her life in detail. On the contrary, she had some kind of outline in mind, inspite of some occasions, I think. Otherwise, I do not believe a leaf will go in the correct way if it leaves itself wholly to the arms of the wind.