Is fidelity antique.

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Is fidelity antique?

It's hard to watch the news or read a newspaper without encountering remarks about infidelity, either by a politician or eminent celebrities. Does it mean that everybody cheat on their spouses and why is it so common these days? Why fidelity seems an antique word, without meaning?

Years ago the betrayal was a taboo topic and affairs were condemned by society, breaking of the rules both by men and women meant disapproval and rejection. Reality used to set up structures and rules that people had to obey and follow.

To understand better why faithfulness does not play anymore an important role in our lives and why it is taken for granted, the world around us has to be considered. In our corrupted society, the world without barriers, there is nothing any more that can cause a surprise. There is no condemnation for gay couples, lesbians, harassed children so why would anyone pay attention to faithfulness.

Very often people are tired of habits, commonly they treat affairs and unfaithful relationships as a stepping-stone from the gloomy reality. People do not care any more how family and friends perceive them; the only thing that counts is one's comfort and happiness. People have affairs for the reason that they are fed up with their existing relationship, or because they have desires that are not being met within that relationship. In some cases, they are just adventure hunters and simply start cheating on their partner without considering that they cause offence and the other half can suffer or feel humiliated. These causes have one common factor: the people who are involved in affairs are seeking something different, exhilarating.

As affairs are so frequent these days they can happen to people met at work, fitness centres or discos. They can happen to...