Fight Club (includes annotated bibliography) Attempt at analysing the popular film. Rather childish - I was very young then.)

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Fight Club

The movie begins as Jack, the protagonist, is trapped in a state of insomnia by his

job at calculating the cost of recalling a faulty car as opposed to paying court settlements

to the relatives of the people killed by that car. He then recommends the one that seems

less expensive. While he tries to argue with a doctor about how he can start sleeping, the

doctor happens to make a sarcastic remark about how if he wants to see real pain he

should go to a support group for men with testicular cancer. Jack takes this remark

literally. It is there that he meets Bob, whom I shall describe shortly. Anywhere, he begins

to find the support groups addictive, and attends more and more of them, and finds that

they allow him to sleep.

Soon after in the movie we find Jack meeting Tyler Durden on a plane trip, and

when his apartment later explodes Jack meets Tyler Durden in a bar.

Having agreed to let

Jack stay at his house, Tyler asks Jack to punch him. He tells Jack this will make him feel

that his life was indeed exciting, and Jack obliges. They begin to fight, and others begin to

stand around, wanting to join as well. They gather together, protesting amongst

themselves that society was trying to turn them into wimpy and uniform machines and

preventing them from feeling like real people, constantly telling them that they need to buy

all sorts of stuff that they only need because the advertisements said they did. Pretty soon

there are weekly gatherings of these men, waiting for a chance to fight one another, and

then they move into the basement of a local bar. More and more men begin to attend Fight

Club with the express...