Fighting For a Girl

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Fighting For a Girl

In today's society, are the women's rights movements happening around us effectively giving the female gender equality? The women's rights movement is still young and female equality with men is still far from the spectrum of the world. However, women were respected more than they are in present day. In ancient Greek societies, both men and women worshipped revered goddesses and also built temples in their honor. Throughout time, respect for women seemed inexistent, but it has been a slow process to be where we are today with this issue. The women's rights movements that began in the mid-nineteenth century is still battling on today and with the way things are progressing, what has been achieved thus far is all but a baby step. Male dominance is, but one obstacle that is preventing the movements from progressing at a quicker pace. Women are as actively important as men in today's society, but they are often overlooked of their potential contributions because they are of another sex.

It is important to understand the elements acting against women and address them to create equality among men and women.

The history for women has been an unpleasant one for them. Throughout ancient history, many empires like the Roman, ancient Greece, Egyptian, etc, have all had male dominant societies. James C. Thompson, an ancient history major explains in his writings on how women were seen in these vast empires of the past. In ancient Greece, the women of Athens had no rights, stripped of all free-will, and their lives were controlled by their husbands or closest male relative. In the Roman society, women were better off than those in Athens, but also managed by the male authority. The women in Rome were better off in the...