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Is anyone aware of the complications that come along with plastic surgery? There are many subjects that should be researched before going through with the procedure. The patient should know all the possible complications. A patient should also know about the healing process and results.

Plastic surgery is a procedure many would like to have done to better their looks. The surgery is used to enhance the looks of the body. Most people go through with plastic surgery for a boost of self confidence. Although many people want plastic surgery to make them self look better, there are many complications and some physicians are not trained proper. The surgery can result anywhere from scarring to fatalities. If the results turn out horrible, do you think that patient will have a boost of confidence or a low self-esteem?ResearchAccording to Kidder (1997-2008), research should always be done before having surgery. Plastic surgery patient should research both the surgeon and procedure.

Some surgeons are not qualified and some surgeons have better results than others. When plastic surgery is going to be performed, it is important to know how the procedure will go. Complications and the healing process are also topics that should be researched.

Researching the Plastic SurgeonIf a person is to go through with the process of plastic surgery, researching the surgeon is suggested! There have been many mistakes where the surgeon was not licensed or not experienced. Always know the qualifications of the surgeon performing the surgery. As Todorov, (1999-2007) mentioned, the plastic surgeon chosen should be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Kidder (1997-2008) noted the patient needs to consult with at least 2 or 3 American Board Certified plastic surgeons. The patient should ask about the plastic surgeon on a forum and also search the plastic surgeons name...