Finding Your Passion.

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The Hidden Power of Passion At the core of our personal or professional success is a simple (but very misunderstood) power. It's often mis- understood because we get so caught up in our heads, that we forget to listen to our Hearts...

Knowing when to "use your head" and when to trust your Heart is the fundamental skill of following your passions.

When we trust the power that comes from the Heart or the "gut", we're accessing the primal (emotional) power that seems to be so missing in many of our lives.

The most frequent complaint I hear from my clients and customers is: "I wish I could find my passion.

How is it that we've become so dis-connected from our passions? Societal pressure? Family upbringing? Conditioning by corporate cults and media? Do we really want these external influences to rule our lives? Or do you want to get your power back...

Now? Many people aren't aware that most diseases are caused by trapped energy (passion, creativity, dreams) that stays repressed for years in the body. Dr. Christine Northrup (author of "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom"), states (and I paraphrase): "All disease can be traced back to trapped creativity".

Trapped creativity is really trapped energy.

The ancient Hawaiians call energy Mana In Chinese Medicine, they call it Chi Western culture calls it Passion Indian culture calls it Prana By any name, it's the same energy - it's the Life Force that Yoda talks about in Star Wars. Passion is The Force.

Without it, our lives are without meaning and listless, but with Passion in our lives, our health, our wealth, our families, our careers are all re-vitalized and rejuvenated.

Getting passion back in your life is a simple choice that only you can make with practice.