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This coursework is investigating the levels of fitness of groups of 8 pupils by looking at how their heart rate in beats per minute (bpm) varies with a stepping exercise. A step test provides a convenient mean to use heart rate to evaluate the efficiency of the cardiovascular response to aerobic exercise. It will also include analysing the results to see if there are any trends or patterns in the results, and putting relevant information in the form of graphs and charts. At the end of the investigation I will use scientific knowledge and understanding to explain as well as to analyse my findings.


"As the level of stepping activity increases, the heart rate will also increase."


Eight pupils were asked to do a stepping exercise for a period of ten minutes and at every 2 minutes interval their Heart Rate (HR) was measured and recorded. Then after ten minutes they stopped their exercise but their HR was monitored for a further 20 minutes.

The HR was also taken before the exercise began; this is called the Resting Pulse. Each pupil's height and weight was noted. Value for the Weight/Height was calculated for each person. This was a measurement of how fit the person was. The lower the figure the fitter the person.


Figure 1. The overall results of all the pupils taking part in the experiment.

Pupil informationHeart Rate

PupilHeight (m)Weight (kg)Weight/


PulseTime from start of activity (min)










The above table has been arranged in order of the fittest pupil (Anne) to the least fit (Aaron). I have decided to use the Weight/Height value as the measure of fitness. In general, the lower the value the fitter the person is and conversely the...