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Marketing Advertisement

Advertising is a big industry and successful marketing strategies create a desire for a product. Often time food advertisements are aimed at children, therefore, a marketer needs to know and understand consumer likes and dislikes. In addition to that, marketers must know what information they need to know to pursue there targeted audience. Marketers use an assortment of strategies to guide when, how, and where product information is offered to the consumers. Some types of marketing strategies use celebrity endorsement, fictional characters, or experts, like doctors, to sell that specific product. Other types of marketing strategies use health claims or statements that can benefit one if eaten. With that, the marketers also leave out the bad ingredients that could be in that particular food that might need to be mentioned.

In the 1970s, scientists announced a possible link between eating a high-fiber food and a reduced risk of cancer, but the consumers did not go out and buy a lot of high-fiber foods.

But in 1984, it was marketed and by 1987 around two million households had begun eating high-fiber cereals. This proves that people do respond to advertisement and if it has an appealing look then people will go and buy what is being advertised.

The marketing of junk and fast foods has really grown. Some people today call the food industry of advertisement the next tobacco. Many of companies spend top dollar to have the best and most appealing advertisement to get people to buy there product. For example, Pepsi spends about 2.1 billion dollars on there advertisement, and McDonald spends about $1.2 billion and Coke-Cola is not far behind at $895 million. Americans buy about 110 billion dollars on fast food and consume about fifty-six gallons of carbonated drinks in year. Drinking that much carbonated...