The Football Industry.

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The Football Industry

Talk about objectives, future and present for your chosen football club

An objective is defined as, 'a Quantification or more precise statement of the goal.'

The objectives set by Manchester United are likely to have far reaching consequences and it is therefore important that they are carefully and systematically agreed. This is normally done collectively. At the very least they should be agreed with the relevant people at Manchester United before being finalized.

The Group's future strategy for growth is built on:

·Maintaining the playing success by ensuring an evolutionary development of the first team squad by acquiring and selling experienced players and developing the younger players through the Academy and overseas alliances. For example the acquisition of Rio Ferdinand is complemented by the internal progress of Wes Brown and John O'Shea.

·Leveraging the awareness of the Group's global brand through developing new products and services with first class partners that will appeal to their worldwide fan base.

For example, the Nike deal is designed to generate new value from the Group trademarks by using their product development; marketing and distribution reach to supply our existing customers in the UK and new customers in Asia. The arrangement has started extremely well with the launch of the new replica kits.

·Seeking to control and develop their own routes to market for media rights which can more effectively deliver value by exploiting the Club's own performance and reputation rather than relying on the collective appeal of the competition. Through initiatives such as MUTV (with BSkyB and Granada), the relaunched website (now being extended by Terra Lycos with foreign language versions), and the launch of MU NOW! The mobile phone service (with Vodafone), the club are enhancing their ability to deliver branded services to customers anywhere in the world. The...