Foreign Aids Can Not Help Africa

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Introduction Since World War 2 the United States along has contributed more than 1 trillion dollars to assist other countries, and Africa has been one of them from the beginning. Africa still remains poor, highest poverty rate, highest death rates. Where is this money going into? Foreign aid programs are for good intentions, and there hasn't been a good result over the years. Africa does not make investments, and they are using funds as to built government stronger. Africa has fastest infant mortality, and it is so fast that it is almost twice as much as food growing rate. Even Africa receive significant amount of aid annually, unfortunately not only was that money used poorly, all it does is increase consumption and expand the size of government, without conferring any benefits on the poor. Therefore U.S must come up with new policies, and give foreign aid not directly to government.

Evidence 1. 2 billion dollars has been disappeared over 20 years, between 1960-1980, and 2. Brian Atwood says, Over 2 billion dollars served no purpose. 3. Even Clinton's administration has admitted that Africa is worse off than they were in 20 years ago. 4. Some countries are doing wrong things as using funds, such as Raising tax rates to their own people, and devaluing its currency, and imposing trade restriction. 5. Critics like Peter Bauer, and Milton Friedman argued that by itself foreign aid would never stimulate economic growth. All it would do is strengthen government at the expense of the private sector, which is the true source of prosperity. Now after 40 years of experience, it appears that they were all right along. When country's economy grows, there definitely will be a difference in environment within their people, but in a country like Zaire there hasn't been a progress,