Formulating and Evaluating Public Policy

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Formulating and Evaluating Public Policy

The policy process is a staged system of assessing societal values, through use of various methods of inquiry and argument to generate and convert policy-relevant information that may be utilized in political settings to resolve problems. A policy is needed for the Wamayo River Basin for a couple of reasons, one is to save the salmon that will become extinct if the industry for salmon fishing does not increase, and two, the building of a dam will help to support hydropower projects and provide irrigation water for the local farmers. Policy-making is deeply influenced by the media, which tends to shape societal views. The process of policy-making establishes objectives through conflict resolution; making solutions to policy problems affecting a community. However, policy responses are often poor because of inadequate information, mediocre policy design, and bad decision-making - due to powerful media and other interest groups, and ineffective implementation.

A policy must be formulated to protect the salmon from extinction, while also allowing room for economic development.

As it is known, conflict is inevitable, whether it be organizational or non-organizational. The company selected to build the dams for the Wamayo River Basin has faced some problems that are not related to the internal organization. Commercial developments are increasingly difficult, resulting in difficult contract documents. Difficult projects can likewise often result in complex disputes, which predominantly arise from the complexity and extent of the work, multiple prime contracting parties, poorly prepared and/or executed contract documents, poor planning, financial issues, and communication problems. Any one of these factors can derail a project and lead to complicated problems, for instance, litigation or arbitration, increased costs, and a breakdown in the parties' communication and relationship.

The company building the dams has faced some issues with time, money and fairness of...