Fountions of Management

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Functions of Management

An efficient and efficiently management system is the key fundamental element of a successful company. The core of a good management system included four classical functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. It does not matter how well a company is doing right now; without a good management and successful uses of those four fundamental functions, it will not survive in today's radically changing business world for long.

Planning is making decisions and taking actions about future goals that the organization will achieve. The managers must first examine the current situation and then evaluates the future condition. After gathering all the information, they will need to decide activities or plans for an individual or work team to follow. By engaging in the activities or plans, the organization achieves its goals. Like in my company, a DVD manufacturing company, top management must make plans for the future. Right now, most DVDs are in DVD9 format, which holds about nine gigabyte data capacity.

But a new technology had just been developed; the availability of the new technology gives DVD its 17 gigabyte capacity. The management must forecast the effects of this new technology in the future market and make plans for our organization to adopt this new technology into plant.

Organizing is to put and control each individual or different kind of work teams, departments, and other resources together to achieve organizational excellence. The organization divided work into different tasks to various individuals and work teams; every one performs specific job. Then the organization coordinates between each individual or work team and assembles the different part of tasks together. I am a technician in my company, and my duty is to make sure the production line is functioning normally. If there is an error with the production line, I have...