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What's the Fracking Problem?

W hy does everyone care so much about natural gas? Why is it such an essential part of modern culture? Sure, it's an exciting and up and coming technology, which is fuel for the technological generation that we've grown up in, but we need to take a closer look to see the methods and impacts that could affect generations after us.

Water is one of our important resources that were given to us by mother nature. We see water as a source for survival and many more advantages. It's fragile, and the smallest amount of contaminants could ruin it for a population, yet one of the major ingredients in fracking processes is the water. Reports of accidents involving water contamination are everywhere. The basic process of fracking is its uses of incredible amounts of gallons of water per drill and drilling so close to groundwater sources risk contamination. "Accidents have already been documented and citizen's well waters have been tainted with toxic chemicals", according to the Climate Progress. (Foster) Many of the chemicals used in the fracking process are proven toxins. These include benzene, ethyl-benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene, and other hazardous chemicals that are harmful if any contact is made.

For these reasons, fracking in the United States should be halted. All around the United States, there are areas where the drilling takes place. Everywhere, people were told that there is nothing to worry about and that hydraulic fracturing was safe. Those people were being lied to. People in their homes were reporting health issues. Everything leads up to the water, and not the water that was once safe, but the water they came to know after the drilling of the wells. Environmental laws have been violated time after time. What is most outrageous is that...