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The title of the book is Frankenstein

The author of the book is Mary Shelley

Dover Publications, Inc. New York1994

Short summery of the book.

The book is the first original Frankenstein book to ever be written, previously in 1831, by Mary Shelly. I had read before other Frankenstein books but never the original one until now and it has been the most interesting so far. To make this a short summery, Frankenstein is the doctor who created the monster in the story. In the story, the monster has many characteristics of humans but very horrible looks. People very disrespectfully treat him; in fact many try to kill him. His looks always stand in the way of his happiness. Due to all this, the monster gets very depressed in the story, he tries to find his creator to ask him why this is all happening to him; he tries to also talk to people and explain to them his situation but everyone turned him down and ran away from him.

The only person in the story he gets along with is a blind man, but when relatives of the blind man come into the house and see the monster, they try to shoot him. The author intended to include this piece in the story to tell the reader that looks are everything to most people, because without knowing what the monster looked like, the old blind man liked him. Finally at the end the monster is trapped inside a tower where he is chased and burned down by the people there.

The most interesting this I learned from reading this book.

In a sci-fi story like Frankenstein one has to wonder about the creation of a monster or any kid of creature that you might think is useful but...