Was Frankie Silver Hanged Justly?

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Frankie Silver we have all heard her name. The first woman hanged in North Carolina, or was she. The ballad of Frankie Silver is a story of a young woman who murdered her husband with an axe. We all think how a young girl could do such a thing. There must have been some reason. There are several different versions as in any ballad and I am going to let you be the judge of whether you think she is guilty or not.

The most common version is that Frankie killed Charlie, her husband, in a jealous rage at Christmas time in 1831. The story tells that he had been cheating while he was supposed to be out hunting. See he was a great hunter and stayed gone for weeks at a time hunting, but the woods around there house was full of game for him to hunt. So he really did not have to go for so long just to hunt for food.

One day, before he was to start out on another hunting trip, Frankie asked him if he would cut up enough wood for her and there little daughter to get through the winter while he was gone. He went outside and cut down a whole tree and stacked it up for her. This took him all day and he was very tired so he came inside and took a nap by the fire with his little girl in his arms. Frankie thought this was her opportunity to kill him. She had been pondering how to do it. She took the baby out of his arms and put her to bed. Then she took the axe that he had cut the wood with and struck him on the head with it. However the first blow did not...