What is freedom?

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There are man types of "freedom". Freedom can be the free will to do as one pleases, independance, restraint, speech, authority, and even of physical movement. But, all of these concepts share a common meaning- "The right to do anything without control or interference" (as stated from www.dictionary.com). Freedom is what every single man and woman on earth strives for, it is almost like an instinct. It is an everyday part of our lives. Freedom is the ability to go wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do or say whatever you want to say. However, freedom is never free. It is almost always restricted to a certain boundry. It has always been this way ever since civilization was first formed. There has been much fighting for freedom throughout the history of mankind.

From my point of view, freedom is the free will to do as one pleases.

Although the US is famous for it's freedom, there have been many disputes over it. For example, if a US citizen is dissatisfied about a certain law, he or she can say or do something to change it. This is the freedom of speech. Another example is when America fought Britain in order to gain it's freedom. This is a freedom of independance. Another is when the civil war was fought in order to abolish slavery. This is a combination of freedom of restraint, independance, authority and choice for the slaves. Freedom is never, ever free. It can only be achieved through much sacrifice, ranging from minor speeches to major bloodshed.

Freedom is important to every single person I know. There is not one person I know who does not think that freedom is important. My parents, for example, are proud to live in america because of it's...