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This past Friday I traveled down to Burlington with my friends Justin,

Jamie, and Steve. The purpose of our trip was to see Justin and his

band, Last One Standing, play at his old high school in Colchester.

We all met around three o'clock, then piled into Justin's black,

Volkswagen GTI, behind the Senators dorm. His car being a little used,

it took fifteen minutes to actually be on our way. We put on some

fast-paced driving music, a band called INTEGRITY(they're a hardcore

band), and left the worries of Johnson behind us.

The trip was a lot smoother in good company, even though our driver,

Justin was getting a little frustrated while driving in heavy traffic.

He has a short temper, and following a line of cars that are going

thirty-five miles an hour in a fifty zone does not help. A sigh of relief

passed through the car as we came into Burlington.

Justin dropped me off

at my house in Burlington at four o'clock, a few hours before his show

started. I made my plans with them for later and sent them on their way.

Something about being home makes me feel much more relaxed. Walking into

your house and immediately recognizing that perfect smell of freshness

(my mom keeps a clean house), flopping yourself onto your comfortable bed,

now this is what makes me feel at peace.I was relieved to be home, knowing

that I was going to see Kristie,a friend of mine that I'm quite fond of.

A few hours slipped by with no significant happenings. I was really looking

forward to seeing Kristie. She called around six, and made plans to stop

by at seven. I was more than excited to see her, and when she showed up

I couldn't stop smiling(I was...