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1."Friendship has been described as the most holy bond of society." There are many characteristics of friendship for example honesty, loyalty, and happiness. Friendship connects each individual to a larger world. This connection begins during childhood, yet most real friendships are formed during adolescence.

Men and women form different kinds of friendships. Commonly, Women are more open and intimate with each other, as for men their friendships are more goal orientated, and less intimate. However both sexes are capable of loyalty, commitment and honesty. "Friendship is both universal and a deeply satisfying experience."

2. A date is an event in which two people share time together. The first step to making a decision is respecting your personal values and beliefs, as well as your partners. Many different aspects bring two people together, for instance physical attraction, certain style, their voice, personality, etc. two people will either find common bonds, or soon break up.

During a relationship there are many stages in which a couple must follow. First two people need to get threw the getting to know each other phase, and then slowly intimacy increase as the couple becomes more aware of each others interests, dislikes, likes, etc.

3. There are many different types of living arrangements in today's modernized society. For example, living with parents, living with friend(s), living with boyfriend/girlfriend, living with husband/wife, etc. Often both sexes take more time considering all of their options before committing to a living arrangement.

5. Dual career couples are very common in today's post-industrial society. The statistics have dramatically increased since the 1960's; more women are in the work force. Two careers in a family brings pressure to a relationship. They both have many responsibilities to be responsible for. The working couple more likely to stay together are those...