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Table of Contents


2. Introduction 4

2.1 Company Background Information 4

2.2 Mission Statement 4

2.3 Strategic Advice 5

3. Industry Analysis (Medical Device industry) 6

3.1 Five Forces Model 6

3.2 The trend in the industry 8

4. Competitor Analysis 9

4.1 Who is the major competitor? 9

4.2 Comparison of TENS providers 9

5. SWOT Analysis 11

5.1 SWOT 11

5.2 TOWS 13

6. Facts and Finding 14

7. Improvement plan 17

8. Implementation 19

8.1 Internal Improvement 19

8.2 Marketing Strategy 23

9. Evaluation & Control 27

10. Conclusion 34

11. Appendices 35


The purpose of this report was to generate a managing systems focusing on internal and external environments for the market of medical devices. In this analysis, I will present information pertaining to the many aspects of the industry.

The medical device industry offers a challenging environment for medical product development.

Engineers are actively involved in the design, development and manufacture of materials and devices intended for a variety of life-sustaining applications. The last three decades have seen a major growth in the number of medical devices. There is hardly any organ or part of the body that has not been touched upon by the medical device development group. Although the term `Medical Devices' as perceived today is not very old, if we go through the definition of medical devices as adopted by the regulatory agencies like USFDA, we can without any hesitation consider existence of medical device from the time a human being has existed. Until recently, these devices were used as conventional devices. With the advent of knowledge in the field and increased concerns about the human life, the regulatory agencies started identifying devices in accordance with their impact on the body and classify them accordingly.