IT functional strategy

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1. Introduction 3

1. 1 Objectives of the assignment 4

1. 2 Research methods and applied theory 4

1. 2. 1 Information sources 5

1. 3 Applied theory 5

1. 3. 1 Identification 5

1. 3. 2 Analysis 7

1. 3. 3 Strategic business unit 9

1. 3. 4 Information sources for strategy formulation 10

1. 4 Summary of analyses focus to business strategy 11

2 General information about the organization 11

2.1 Products characteristics 12

2. 2 Identification of SBUs 13

3 Identification of current strategy of Xxx, a.s. 15

3. 1 Analyze of the formulation of IT strategy 16

3. 2 Present state of hardware and software 17

3. 3 IT strategy formulation 17

3. 4 Choice and agreement of the optimal version of strategy 19

4 Conclusion 20

5 Bibliography 21

1. Introduction

There was defined task within frame of MBA SE study make conception of strategy management and apply its in real company's conditions by project team work for Xxx, a.s.

company and in cooperation with operating manager.

The character of this task is the consultancy service of Xxx, a.s. company. For this company we have to make the complex suggestion of the strategic management of the company. The elaboration of this task is ensured in the form of the team work, where all students of group C21 are involved in. Every student is charged to make the concrete task, that after the cross assembling of particular assignments creates the final report of assigned task with the possibility of practical use in the field of strategically management of high cited customer.

In accordance in above task this assignment has following objectives:

taking over identification of corporate and SBUs from superior assignments,

making of theoretical conception for IT strategy analysis from the view point of business...