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University of PhoenixAugust 2, 2006MKT-438IntroductionPublic Relations is a vital part of a comprehensive marketing program. Every company, whether large or small, should have a PR group in place for unanticipated moments. PR should also be used on a regular basis and partnered with other marketing and advertising essentials. Great Public Relations can add power to the overall company image. When major magazines write about a particular company, this provides a different type of credibility and stature that can improve and clarify audiences' perceptions of that company. A single mention in the media can often be worth more than many ad placements in newspapers or on television and the best thing, it doesn't cost a thing.

Functions of PRThe function of public relations include all of the below functions:Community, customer, government, and guest relations.

ConsultingInternal communicationsInvestor relationsMedia relationsProduct/Service publicity (announcements/promotional)ResearchMany others including photographic services (Haynes, 2003)These functions of Public Relations interact and inform the public in several ways as a planned and sustained program conducted by an organization's management to:Maintain two-way communications between an organization and its publics.

Monitor awareness, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors inside and outside the organization.

Analyzes the impact of organizational policies, procedures, and actions on various publics.

Adjusts those policies, procedures, and actions found to be in conflict with the public interest and organization survival (Msstate website, n.d.).

Organizational & SocietalPublic Relations functions are normally towards a certain objective, either toward an organizational goal or a responsibility to society.

Organizational1. Employee relations2. Investor relationsSocietal1. Social responsibility2. Community relationsThe organizational function of Public Relations is usually towards the internal responsibilities of an organization. Functions such as employee relations and investor relations occur within the organization to inform management's intentional role to inform and advise the two most valuable aspects of an organization; employees and investors.

The societal...