Functions of Public Relations

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Public relations can be looked at as building public relationships between a company and the general public. Public relations involves the evaluation of public attitudes and opinions, formulation and performance of an organization's procedures and policy regarding communication with the public, coordination of communication programs, developing relationships through a two way communication process and developing a positive relationship between a company and the public. The people who work in the public relations department work for businesses, governments, hospitals, schools, nonprofit charities and many others. Public Relations is not used just to get an organization known or as a cheap form of advertisement. Public Relations are more involved in planning the communication of the entire organization.

The functions of Public Relations can be divided into two categories. These categories are organizational functions and societal functions. This paper will discuss the organizational and societal functions of public relations. Investor relations and employee relations will be discussed as they pertain to organizational functions.

Marketing communication and consumer relations will be discussed as they pertain to societal functions.

Organizational Functions

Organizational functions of Public Relations involve the activities that interact with the organizations. An organizational function is mainly internal oriented and focuses on the product and communication according to the strategy of the organization. Communication management, government affairs, media, publicity, and investor relations can be considered organizational functions. The organizational functions help an organization to launch new products, build interest in those new products, build credibility in the organization, and reduce promotion costs.

Investor Relations

The investors of a company are essentially the owners of the company. These owners could very well include employees. Investor relations came to light in the mid -1930s after the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Act of 1934. (Seitel) The main goal of Investor relations is to...