Game Over! The 1994 baseball strike

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'I don't like it. People won't be able to come to these games anymore, and I don't like that'. A sad nine -

year - old fan voices his concerns on the 1994 major League Baseball strike. The `94 baseball season has

come to an abrupt end. Players have ceased play because they feel they are being treated unfairly with the

owner's plan to impose a salary cap. Owners are finding it difficult to come to terms with their own

disagreements. Small market teams are rising to power with their demands while large market team owners

are finding it hard to deal with the teams and their issues, while still trying to please the players. In essence,

it is a three - way battle between the two sides of large and small market owners and the players. Neither

side is showing any sort of sympathy for the other side.

They are sticking with their proposals without any

thoughts of changing them. Confusion is setting in on both sides. They are finding it hard to lean toward a

goal when they do not know what they want. The baseball strike involves greed, uncertainty, and lack of

desire to resolve the issue on both sides. While confusion mounts among owners and persistence rides high

among players, things are only going to get worse until they come to some sort of an agreement.

The baseball strike of `94 officially hit the hearts of America on August 12, three quarters into one of the

most intriguing seasons in a long time. A season on the verge of breaking many long standing records. As

the strike began, the people of the world looked with sadness, as well as disgust towards players and

owners. Officially, the strike is the players verses the owners,