Game up Your Skills.

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What is the one thing that interacts with kids of all ages, and from all around the globe, even more then family and friends? That's right, video games. No matter how much you deny it, video games shape society. The common misconception though is that these games are tools of degradation of society. They are often seen as objects that corrupt our youth, leading and influencing them into a violent state of development. Who could forget the famous events at Paducah, Kentucky? A 14-year-old young boy became a killer in his school. Michael Carneal never fired a real pistol in his life, but after taking a few practice shots, he took it to school. Once there, he fired eight shots, hitting eight kids with deadly aim. Five of the kids were hit in the head, the other three in the upper torso. No military or law enforcement officer can confidently say that they have this sort of accuracy.

There is no equivalent "achievement" in their ranks. Where could such a skill have come from if this child has never picked up a gun before? The credit goes to video games.

These video games have been caught in the middle of a heated debate for generations on end. The games have been on the receiving side of hurtful accusations such as being sexist, and unbeneficial to anyone. To top it off, the players of the games have not been left alone. They have been marked with the stereotype of being lazy and fat, as well as being very anti-social. It is time that someone stood up and defined the faults of these arguments, after all gamers have feelings too.

For the matter of Michael Carneal an important note is that video games may have given him the skill to fire with...