"Games such as football are not only dangerous but also a waste of time" What do you think?

Essay by amasveritas March 2004

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I agree to a certain extent that games such as football are not only dangerous but also a waste of time. Firstly, there are no prospects of being an athlete. It is not easy establishing a career in sports. When the game becomes too competitive, the athletes may use too much steroids. This could lead to brain tumor. Being an athlete, they are prone to accidents and injuries. However, football is also a good form of exercise, and it builds up team spirit.

There are no prospects of being an athlete because sports are not an important factor in a country's economy. Although there are more sports schools, the jobs of being an athlete is minimal. The highest post an athlete can hold is a coach, or a Physical Education teacher. Even as a teacher, he would still have to academically incline. Therefore, it shows that games is a waste of time.

Athletes take steroids when the game becomes too competitive. This can be extremely dangerous when they take a higher dosage than required. Sometimes, the steroid user uses too much that he becomes addicted. The addiction is so overwhelming that it may even cause brain tumor. Gas chromatography can be done to ensure that taking steroids does not occur. But because technology has been improving so rapidly that sometimes steroids cannot be detected. This reinforces the point that games are dangerous.

Athletes, especially footballers, are prone to accidents as compared to a person who does not participate in sports. Once a ball hits a player, it may fracture his leg and sometimes he may be paralyzed for an entire lifetime. Recently, David Beckham had a serious injury due to a mistackle. This illustrates how dangerous football is.

However, one may argue that games such as football are a good...