Gastrointestinal and nutritional assessment.

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Gastro intestinal and nutritional assessment

Introduction, why choose this topic.

I've chosen gastrointestinal and nutritional assessment because I find it easier and more interesting to elaborate on the digestive tract and the diet offered to the service users. It is an interesting topic as; firstly the gastrointestinal system is broken down into so many different and specific parts or processes. Secondly the link between gastrointestinal and nutritional assessment is very much like a puzzle. When one gets used to it, it becomes so clear and simple that it induces one into more research but also more practice, as both require precise knowledge and experience. I will now start my essay by explaining the gastrointestinal system.

Paragraph 1- Describe what the gastrointestinal system is?

The gastrointestinal system in its simplest version is the study and illustration of the digestive system. It starts in the top part of the body, the mouth, and ends in the bottom part, the anus.

Gastrointestinal tract activities include ingestion, mechanical digestion, chemical or enzymatic digestion, propulsion, absorption and defecation. Overall hence, these different stages are summarized in only two words, which are digestion and absorption. There are of course more aspects, which relate to parts outside of the digestion and absorption but I will explain those briefly further on during my essay. Starting with ingestion, it is the stage where food is voluntarily put into ones mouth. Then it is propulsion, this can easily be defined as the process where food is sent (propelled) from one organ to the other. This depends on a process called 'peristalsis'. Peristalsis is the flow and movement of the muscles in the organs, which enables the food to move forward to the other stage, which is food breakdown. Food breakdown can be divided into two more processes, which are mechanical...