Gay Marriage

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Gay marriage should be legal in every U.S. state and be recognized in the same way that a

traditional marriage is between a man and a woman. Gay partners hold commitment ceremonies, some

states recognize civil unions, and Massachusetts now allows same-sex marriages. However, gay couples

should be entitled to the same civil rights, privileges, and legal protection as traditional married couples.

This won't happen until gay marriage is recognized by the federal government.

The beginning of the civil rights movement was about equality for blacks. The gay rights movement

which dates back to the 1950's is about civil rights and equality for gay persons. When a person's civil rights

are interfered with because of their association with a certain class or group (which includes sexual

preference) it violates the fourteenth amendment. When a state denies a particular class of people to

participate in an activity that is also a violation of equal rights.

Gay persons experience some of the same

civil rights issues as blacks such as prejudice, discrimination, ignorance and opposition. Sometimes the

opposition turns violent.

(Insert examples such as Matthew Shepard etc)

At one time it was not allowed to marry outside your race. Now gay couples are fighting for the

freedom to marry as they choose. People opposed to gay lifestyle don't understand that when love happens

it doesn't always fall within society's definition of what is "right". Gay persons in loving, commited

relationships are confused as to why other people can't understand or accept their relationship.

Traditional marriages have the support of society. Churches are an important part of the values our

society sets. Homosexuality is not accepted by many religions and therefore, gay marriage won't be either.

Catholic churches allow gay persons to join but consider homosexuality a sin. Moslems encourgage

homosexuals to...