News Media and Society Project

Essay by CRAZYCAPTAIN March 2005

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The News and its Effect on the World

The media plays a major role in everyone's life. From the time we wake in the morning and catch the news or the traffic report, until the time we kiss our loved ones good night, we will encounter the many different elements of the media. The power of the media today is extremely overwhelming. The media influences the world and our country to a point where most people will agree with most anything they see or hear. The media has more power than many people realize, but with that power comes great responsibilities.

The mass media includes newspapers, radio, magazine, television, films, and even the Internet. It involves a research process where you gather, evaluate and publish or broadcast issues, facts and stories for the public eye.

Today the media surrounds us and shapes our lives without us even realizing it. The media has a power that many people do not see and it has become a necessity not only for people's homes but their workplace and even car and other types of transportation.

Television has become the most popular type of media exposure in the late 20th and early 21st century. The number of newspapers published these days has declined significantly since the early 20th century. But the rise and rapid growth of the Internet has brought a new technology into our generation. Our generation is the first to really accept and utilize all aspects of the Internet. News media has a responsibility to the public to act like our watchdog agency. Thanks to the Internet one can receive up to the minute news at any given time or day, which is something that cannot be said for newspapers.

Some media analysts argue that journalists should maintain total moral detachment. Many...