Gender inequality in Egypt

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The gender inequality spreads all over the world, especially in Egypt, our country. All this is because our poisoned social thoughts of women. We search for a solution for a problem which has roots in our minds. Let's see woman's life from birth to death.

Most of our married men wish for a boy, but why a boy? Why not a girl? Look at a face of a father who has just got a boy, then look at a face of another father who has just got a girl, and you will understand soon.

Look at many of our families; you'll soon recognize that the boys have the greatest opportunity to learn. While girls have little chance, if they have it, to learn.

When a girl gets matured, the disaster begins. The Female Genital Mutilation process will soon occur to her. It deprives her from reaching her climax. Many families think that they are protecting her that way while they are really destroying her.

When they prevent her from reaching her climax, how do u think she could live as a normal wife? How could she satisfy her husband's needs and hers as well?

They are about eighty-five percent, of the females aged between fifteen and twenty-five, had the Female Genital Mutilation process occurred to them. What a disaster!

All of the Egyptian families make social restrictions for the girls while they give the complete freedom for the boy. What does the boy has more than the girl? Why he had the freedom while she is prisoned in her father's house until she gets married. Then her husband will prison her again while he is free, as he always used to be.

Also in marriage, many wives in our society didn't choose their husbands while she is being...