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The Genesee Hospital has been a main supplier of health care for many in this area for decades. They were a very strong and profitable hospital. However due to cuts in medical aid and poor management they have gone under recently. It was something that few saw coming till it was to late. Poor management is to be held accountable for this tragedy above all other factors. The hospital had built up too much debt over time to be able to dig itself out. It was looked at by another major health care provider in the area to see if it could be salved but after close inspection it was determined that the losses would be to great and it could not be saved. So they slowly closed down one section of the hospital at a time.

This had a great effect on the community. There were many patients who had to go elsewhere to find medical service and some of them were not to keen on that idea.

They liked it where they were and wanted to stay. It also affected the medical workers in the area. Many doctors and nurses have to go to other hospitals to find jobs and some are completely at a loss. This will cause some to move to other parts of New York and even other parts of the country in search of a job. Others will have to leave some things behind and take others with them, which will inconvenience even more.

This is a sad event that will be overcome but has had a great impact on many. It could have been prevented with better management and less hard headedness on the parts of Genesee's leaders.

Aaron Eakins Bush's effect on the economy Changing from a Democratic leader to a Republican leader is going to take some getting used to and many will oppose him the whole time he is in office. I think from an economic point of view he is what we need and republicans have a healthier look on the economy.

He is also looking to spend a lot of money on drilling for oil in the artic and raping its beauty. The artic although it holds lots of raw materials (oil) should be left untouched and beautiful. If he wants to solve the energy crisis we are having then he needs to think more long term. This oil is only going to last so long and then that too will run out. Then what are we going to do? We need to focus on increasing our energy efficiency and finding new ways of powering cars and homes. The Republicans are focusing on increasing production instead of extending our energy lifetime. Right now he is solving someone else's problems and in 20 or 30 years someone else is going to be solving his. Hopefully by then we will have learned and found new means of energy.

He is also looking to cut taxes. I think this is a great thing because the poor need to be educated and learn how to make their own money instead of taking handouts from the rich. The rich earn what they have and shouldn't be supporting others. There are to many taxes that punish people for making money. Bush is going to do everything he can to pass his legislation that allows the rich to keep their money and the poor to make their own. I say go him and slow the handouts.