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Giglamesh was a man of low character. He perceived himself as better than everybody. Giglamesh thought that he had the best town, the most strength, and was the best fighter. His fellow countrymen believed that Giglamesh was just a very ignorant and foolish person. One day, the Gods decided that they were going to try and give Giglamesh a wake up call and a lesson in humility in order to try and change his behavior and foolish ways.

The Gods cr3eated a man named Enkidu that matched the strength and courage exactly as that of Giglamesh. They placed him in the wild to be raised by animals so that he would be able to acquire the same wild spirit that Giglamesh possessed. A priestess approached Enkidu in the wild and told him of the travesties made by Giglamesh. Enkidu became enraged and decided that he was going to fight Giglamesh.

The priestess then proceeded to teach Enkidu to be more like a human that a wild beast so that Giglamesh would fight him. After that, Giglamesh had a dream that a man he thought was going to become his friend that was just like him would come to fight him. He told his mother, who was a Goddess and in on the whole scheme, and his mother dismissed his concerns and worries by saying that the dream just meant that he would come into contact with a man who he would become friends with and be a mentor to.

When the time came for Enkidu to reveal himself to Giglamesh, he decided to block the way that Giglamesh was going. Giglamesh of course became angered with him for thinking he could stand in his way and started to wrestle with Enkidu. It was a long, tiring struggle and Giglamesh...