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Globalization: A Very Short Introduction by Manfred Steger

Globalization has become one of the defining buzz words about time the term that describes a variety of complex economic political cultural ideological and environmental forces that are rapidly altering our experience at the world in the years since world war two.

We have seen national boundaries paid as financial markets manufacturing concerns information services and cultural products including movies music and television shows that have spread around the air. Immigration and tourism have exploded, Japanese cars are assembled in the United States and American hamburgers are sold in Tellico and the Internet connects virtually everyone on the planet who owns a Computer. We are indeed now living in a borderless world.

Americanization and McDonald I station and explores the role of the media and communication technologies in the process of cultural globalization finally stacker explains in accessible language the connection between economic globalization and multinational corporations.

World Bank International Monetary Fund and the world trade organization including maps diagrams figures text boxes and a time line this compact book provides a wealth of information on one of the key new forces in the modern world about the series combining authority with wit accessibility and style very short introductions offer an introduction to sum up life's most interesting topics written by experts for the Newcomer. They demonstrate the finest contemporary thinking about the central problems and issues in hundreds of key topics from philosophy to Freud ,contemporary to Islam.