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I. Situation AnalysisJapan and United States have been reciprocal trade partners for a long time. Hence, there are the minimal trading barriers for American companies entering the Japan market. For a company like North Aluminum that is seeking to do business in Japan, there are many smaller factors like the Japanese economy, politic structure, culture and legislation that have to be studied before entering the market.

EconomicsJapan was the first country that experienced rapid economical growth in Asia. The labor force in Japan is mostly industrial and educated. An able workforce provides the possibility of quick development for Japanese companies. In addition, the ethics of saving in Japanese households also provides Japanese companies with plenty of capital. In fact, citizens, corporations, and government all embrace high level of savings. However, Japan is an island and it has a shortage of natural resources. Therefore, it is very dependent on energy important to support a developed economy with a large population.

Japan has been working hard to limit its energy dependency by introducing more efficient modes of transportation. A more efficient aluminum engine would be a perfect product for the Japanese market.

Technology and innovation are highly regarded in Japan. With large research and development funding, Japan has the third largest purchasing power parity in the world (Economy of Japan, 2007). The emphasis on efficiency has made Japan a very competitive hi-tech and industrialized nation. The exports of Japan are cars, electronics and computers.

PoliticsJapan is a constitutional monarchy where the power if the emperor is very limited. The emperor serves only as a political figure with very little real power. The person who acts as the primary person in control and has the majority of the power of decision making is the Prime Minister. As a world power, Japan is...