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Rubbermaid experienced tremendous growth in the early 1990s. Rubbermaid's success did not continue into the latter part of the 1990s due in part to Wal-Mart. Rubbermaid's success came to a halt when the price of resin, which is a key ingredient for plastic, was raised 80%, so Rubbermaid had the raise their prices. Rubbermaid raised the price it charged Wal-Mart for their products and Wal-Mart responded by giving more shelf space to lower-priced competitors and less space the Rubbermaid. Wal-Mart advised their suppliers to move their manufacturing to China to compete if the companies wanted to keep Wal-Mart as a customer. Wal-Mart forced Rubbermaid into a merger with archrival Newell in 1999. Rubbermaid has a vision to be the "Global Market Share Leader in the markets they provide service" (Rubbermaid, 2008). They plan to accomplish this goal by giving their distributors and end-user customers cost-effective, environmentally sound, high-quality products while providing "legendary customer service and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Globalization is the essence of bring the world together into a system of division of labor which lead to a systems of social cooperation. Globalization will provide the foundation for economic advance and acceleration economic progress. When true globalization has been accomplished, it with radically improve productive and living standards in the most advanced countries. Thereby creating advancement beyond that of our own advances of centuries before and position the world to go further. The only obstacle for advancement of globalization is mistaken ideas about the concept of it, the fear of advancing countries and their competition from poor; impoverish countries with low wages and the affect of war.

Rubbermaid's merged with Newell Company and formed Newell Rubbermaid Inc. This merger gave Rubbermaid more power to inundate the global market and boost product sells. In order for Newell Rubbermaid...