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The case study presents us with a negotiation and a communication issue for GC (Global communication). The company is in financial crisis with its share price deteriorating at a rapid rate, and the executive team is under tremendous pressure to change the image and growth of the company by entering new markets and partnerships and by introducing new services. The company also intends to do some cost cutting to compete sever competition in the market. The board has approved the team's strategic plan of outsourcing to India and Ireland to increase profit margins and avail technical expertise demanded by their customers.

The executive team is a mixture of new and old team members. The negotiation issue here is to communicate to union and employees about the outsourcing decision which would result in jobs layoffs and will also result in relocation of some jobs with lower pay rates.

As Sy has said "our competitive advantage comes from our loyal employees. I'm actually more concerned about how inconsistent we're going to look when we go public with our new strategy", the successful implementation of the new strategy depends on the way, and the new strategic decision is communicated to the union and employees and cooperation from them. It also depends on what different alternatives the executive team can offer to decrease the dissatisfaction and negative response from the employees.

The paper presents various alternative solutions and scrutinizes their viability against future scenarios after much research and taking into consideration the knowledge derived from the course.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications widely known as GC is a telecommunication company which is currently under tremendous pressure, due to decline in the industry and acute competition not only from the competitors but...