The Global Influence of the Cable News Network - Why CNN is a biased news network.

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CNN can be viewed in over 100 countries worldwide. The networks' global influence is absurd. In the past 15 years, it has created in easy way to keep up to date about the world's news. However, this positive virtue has become a negative one. The network posts untrue and/or biased information about issues in Israel, and presidential and senatorial elections. Those two points alone have manipulated the minds of CNN's uninformed viewers. Senator Larry Craig (Idaho) says that CNN "has shown a blatant disregard of journalistic ethics by masking [their] motives behind a cloak of confusion."

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on ever since the creation of Israel. In recent years, CNN has begun focusing more and more on the issue. Unfortunately, CNN has not provided an unbiased presentation to its viewers. CNN's own founder made a ghastly remark on the issue. After an awful suicide attack on Israel, and a standard retaliation, Ted Turner said, "I would make the case that both sides are engaged in terrorism."

The man is obviously pro-Palestinian, as it is obvious to any semi-educated viewer of CNN and any other news company that the Palestinian attacks do fall under the terrorism category by definition, and the Israeli retaliations... do not. If the founder of the company leans that way, then the rest of the company leans that way if it wants funding. CNN was almost banned from Israeli television for its' biased remark. Also, Turner said this on British television, and the audience accepted it. CNN has such a huge influence, that whatever it says, it's viewers believe. Since it's viewers don't have many other sources of news, they are uninformed, and an uninformed audience will believe the bias information that is given to them.

CNN provided coverage of two senatorial election testimonies.