Are Global Sweatshops Ethical?

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Global sweatshops are an issue that is viewed in different ways across the globe. As a nation we have the power of controlling what is allowed and not allowed on our own soil. However when we start to control what other countries are allowed to do, matters get a little more difficult. In third-world countries sweatshops are viewed as beneficial factories where people can earn enough money to survive. Whereas in America, sweatshops are used by large corporations so that they can hire cheap labor to lower costs. Several organizations and communities in America protest the actuality of sweatshops and the American corporations which fuel them. Although they are viewed as beneficial to the overseas families that use them for a source of income, sweatshops are an ethical dilemma that people clash over.

In America the problem with sweatshops exists between certain organizations such as the FCC (Free the Children Campaign), USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops), and several college universities.

The organizations are formed in order to make a bigger impact on their expression of sweatshops. Thousands of concerned individuals in America are worried of the work conditions of the children and families who work in sweatshops. President of the Free the Children Campaign expresses that ""Free the Children believes that all children have the right to full intellectual, physical, emotional and social development" ( 2005). Sweatshop activists feel that children as young as eleven years old (, 2005) shouldn't be pressured to work such long and ghastly hours in sometimes harsh environments. The activists against sweatshops also incline that children should be educated and sent to schools instead of factories. The severe and long hours that children work in sweatshops are saddening and depressing towards the people who wish to stop them.

When considering sweatshops, one must...