Global Youth Service Day

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Global Youth and Service Day is an annual event held all around the world. It is organized by Youth Service America and Global Youth Action Network. It celebrates, recognizes, and mobilizes the effort that young people have made to improve and build their communities through volunteer services. Also to celebrate what the community did to get the young people interested in helping out their society.

The schools and groups across the world are encouraged to plan projects led by the youth to help out their community on Global Youth Service Day. They may help out on a national level or even an international level.

On Global Youth Service Day millions of young people will help out with thousands of improvement projects. On that day it will be a way for organizations to build youth participation and learning, educate everyone about the contributions made around the world, mobilize communities to help out, and learn about the youth service today.

Everyone seemed to be doing something on the Global Youth Service Day in 2004. I will list a few things that Canadians alone have done. Their was a 30 hour famine in a town in Ontario. Kids did not eat for 30 hours trying to raise money for people third world countries who did not have enough to eat. In B.C. kids cleaned up their community and surrounding area. In Nova Scotia there was a school wide blood donor clinic.

As you can see a lot of people helped out. I hoped that you learned something from my essay and will help to either organize or take part in Global Youth Service Day next year.

By: Lenny young