Globalization: Policy or Process

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Globalization: Policy or Process

Tabb projects the image of globalization as a policy used to benefit

capitalism and big corporations. Such organizations like WTO (World Trade

Organization) are pure examples of the reality of globalization.

Globalization's agenda is one of giant corporations have a numerous

amounts of freedom for transitional capital, creating an unsustainable

pattern of production and consumption, and a pure domain of the economy.

(Pg 3) Globalization does not concern themselves with the governments,

labor, small businesses, and consumers with only corporate greed. (Pg 7)

Globalization does not place blame or regulate policy on labor conditions,

environment, human rights, and trade for underdeveloped countries but

place trade rights that represent the interests of capital.

Moore and Tabb have opposite views of what the reality of globalization

is. Moore's globalization is one of the WTO framework liberalism on trade

and investment to lead to competition and eventually a greater market.

This would lead to a better standard of living, improvements in

environment, labor, and economy. Also, this would allow the average person

to think they are contributing and have a choice in the matter. Tabb's

globalization pierces through the framework to the reality where

corporations control globalization and the "small" people have no say.

Moore argues on behalf on underdeveloped countries, the poverty stricken,

who desperately need globalization in order to gain a flowing economy.

Tabb argues big corporations want to "level out the playing field" with

all countries meaning superpower countries will be dominate over weaker

countries destroying and misusing all resources. Moore leads the reader to

think globalization is a positive process by informing that it may not be

the complete answer to the world's problems it gives hope and all around

security. Tabb leads the reader to think globalization is a policy used...